General English

General English

  • Individual lessons
  • English
  • One-to-one lesson via Skype or other video platforms
  • Free study materials (PDF files, audio and video files, image files, etc.)
  • Regular progress tests
  • Step-by-step coaching
  • Email support

Available courses

  • Textbook course (using a professional English textbook)
  • Self-designed course (for B1 and B2) 

It includes:

  • 15 topics (5 lessons and a test for each topic, a review lesson every 5 topics)
  • speaking practice (included in every lesson)
  • vocabulary practice (words and phrases connected with each topic, phrasal verbs, natural words and phrases for every day communication, formal and informal vocabulary)
  • grammar (language structure, all verb tenses, prepositions, articles, conjunctions, conditionals, passive voice and much, much more)
  • listening and reading practice (the lessons are mainly focused on speaking, vocabulary and grammar skills, but they include some listening and reading tasks)
  • pronunciation (intonation, accent reduction, etc.). It's optional.

You can choose to practice ALL skills or only some, and you can get extra practice if needed.

General Business course

It includes:

  • general topics for commom workplace situations
  • vocabulary (formal and informal words and phrases for business communication)
  • speaking (role-playing dialogues, situations, discussions, etc.)

We can also focus on job interviews, writing emails, conducting a business meeting, and delivering a presentation.

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2. Select the desired dates and times for classes. We will contact you to confirm and form a schedule

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