IELTS Cambridge exams

IELTS Cambridge exams

  • Test preparation
  • English
  • One-to-one minute lesson via Skype or other video platforms
  • Free study materials (PDF files, test templates and examples, audio files, text documents, image files, etc.)
  • Regular progress reports
  • Step-by-step coaching
  • Email support   

This is a course for those students who need to prepare for language exams (IELTS, PET, FCE, CAE, CPE). I provide a range of preparation, support materials and resources to help learners successfully ace the tests.

We can focus on every part of the exam or only on speaking and/or writing, it’s up to you.

If you are interested in other kinds of exams, we can also prepare for them as long as you have your own materials.

1. Please choose a lesson duration and the amount of the lessons you want to take

2. Select the desired dates and times for classes. We will contact you to confirm and form a schedule

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The dates you have chosen are conditional and will be clarified with you by your teacher before the start of the classes!

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