Lesson Plans for English Teachers

Lesson Plans for English Teachers

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In this part of the site, teachers can buy General English lessons designed by me.

There are two courses: for B1 and B2 levels.

  • Each course consists of 15 general topics (movies, education, work, money, travel, city life, nature, home, food, free time, appearance, relationships, personality, technology and health).
  • Each topic consists of 6 lessons (mostly to practice vocabulary, grammar, speaking, and the 6th lesson is a test).
  • There is a review lesson after every 5 topics.
  • There is a final test (2 lessons) after the course.

You can buy 6 lessons (one topic) or 31 lessons (5 topics plus a review lesson) or the whole course.

You can also buy randomly chosen lessons.

Note: most tasks are created by me whereas some specific tasks might be taken from online resources, textbooks, etc.

It is also possible to order General English lessons on specific topics. If you would like me to make a lesson for you, please contact me for further details.

1. Please choose a lesson duration and the amount of the lessons you want to take

2. Select the desired dates and times for classes. We will contact you to confirm and form a schedule

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The dates you have chosen are conditional and will be clarified with you by your teacher before the start of the classes!

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